The art of Salento artisans revisited in a contemporary key.

Objects have a soul with a story to tell, especially those that have lived daily with people. Some immediately bring to mind images of the past, people from the past, places of times gone by. These objects cannot be eliminated but need to be modified and, by even changing their function, they find not only another placement but can participate in and enrich a new environment, one that is different, more elaborate, more refined, and more witty. Daniela Pallara says: "I believe that taste is not only found where we are told to look for it (or where we expect to find it); often beauty and novelty are generated by creativity and personal intuition." Basket weavers, tinsmiths, ceramists, cooks, weavers, create objects that have a soul with a story to tell, and that maintain the strong scent of the Salento land. Created to set a table, furnish corners of the house and garden, to be remembered as a gift. Intertwined olive branches turn into table complements, underplates, cake stands, oven dishes, chandeliers. The colour of the olive tree changes with the seasons, tender and green in spring, hard and grayish dried by the sun in summer. Terracotta artisans work on the wheel to create evocative lanterns, table furnishings, plates, glasses, pitchers. Objects immersed in white enamels, green copper, cobalt blue, ivory, colors reminiscent of the majolica tiles of baroque palaces.